About Us

What is the Allied Drive Literacy Time Program?

Allied Drive Literacy Time is a community engagement program connecting University of Wisconsin-Madison Information School (iSchool) students with children enrolled at the Allied Learning Center in Madison, WI. 

What is the mission of Allied Drive Literacy Time?

The mission of the Allied Drive Literacy Time program is to support the development of literacy skills by creating a strong and resilient connection between reading and positive growth for the children at the Allied Learning Center in Madison’s Allied-Dunn Neighborhood.

What types of activities does the program support?

We support literacy-based activities for children ages four through ten. Literacy times for grades Kindergarten through first grade focus on engaging read alouds, songs and crafts. Second and third grade classes focus on one-on-one reading with volunteers.

What is the Allied Learning Center?

The Allied Learning Center is an after-school Safe Haven facility of Madison School and Community Recreation (MSCR). The Learning Center is located at 2237 Allied Drive, Madison and is serviced by Madison Metro Bus 19.

Where is the Allied Neighborhood?

The Allied-Dunn’s Neighborhood is located on the south west side of Madison near the intersections of US 12-14 and Verona Road. A primarily residential neighborhood, Allied-Dunn’s is geographically isolated from the library resources offered by Madison Public Library. In recent years, the neighborhood has undergone a redevelopment phase.

How is the program supported?

Allied Drive Literacy Time is supported through the generous funds of Madison Gas and Electric, Friends of the UW Libraries, and the Target Corporation. The program is run by iSchool faculty sponsor Dr. Allison Kaplan.

Who can volunteer with Allied Drive Literacy Time?

Any University of Wisconsin – Madison student is welcome to volunteer with us! Whether you’re interested in youth services or community engagement, there are various opportunities to volunteer with Allied Drive Literacy Time year round. Librarians on campus are welcome as well!

For more information, check out this feature on the UW-Madison Information School website!

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