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UW-Madison Library Resources

Creating engaging and fun story hours is easier than ever with the wealth of resources available at the SLIS Library and the School of Education Library (MERIT). The titles below are a great starting point for storytime planning. The links below will take you to the UW-Madison Library Catalog.

Crash Course in Storytime Fundamentals by Penny Peck

Cool Story Programs for the School Age Crowd by Rob Reid

The Read-Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease

Something Musical Happened at the Library by Rob Reid

The Storytime Sourcebook II by Carolyn Cullum

Story Time Sampler by Paula Gaj Sitarz

Web Resources for Finding Books


A Badgerlink-provided resource, TeachingBooks allows users to search by title, author, subject to bring up titles and book guides with ideas for use with children. The guided search allows a more tailored search within age group and genre. Reading lists of award winning books are also provided.

The Best Kids Books Site

A searchable database, this free site makes a good resource for associating craft and songs with the story time’s theme, as well as potential book tie-ins. It is searchable by theme and provides original content as well as links to songs, crafts, and free coloring pages.

Children’s Comprehensive Literature Database

A searchable UW-licensed resource that lists award-winning books with easy-to-search subject headings and simple navigation. Limit by grade, genre, award-winners, and other categories. Great for finding books on a certain theme, either picture books or more advanced readers.

Novelist K-8

This Badgerlink database provides reviews and lists of children’s books from early literacy through eigth grade. Use their “If You Like…” tool to discover new authors, browse the recommended reading lists, and use the search function to find book reviews and title information.

Resources for Songs

Wee Sing Collection

A collection of songs made specifically for children and can be used to supplement any story time.


The ever-popular children’s singer has a collection of songs that work with many story times.

They Might Be Giants

The hip band also has a number of critically acclaimed children’s albums including the Grammy-winning Here Come the 123s.

Fox and Branch

A critically acclaimed duo who sings folk songs for kids that adults can enjoy as well.

Scout Songs

Sometimes the best songs are just simple campfire songs. This website has lyrics to popular songs that would be useful in many story times.

Resources for Crafts

50 Ways to Get Your CartOn : Recycle & Create Milk and Egg Carton Crafts That Rock by Ellen Warwick (available at your local library)

Arts and Crafts for Myths and Tales by Greta Speechley (available at your local library)

Cool Crafts With Old Wrappers, Cans, and Bottles : Green Projects for Resourceful Kids by Carol Sirrine (available at your local library)


Enchanted Learning Crafts


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